another suspense thriller from Russell Brooks and a contest (woo!)

Book cover

Russell Brooks recently sent me an advance copy of his new book, Chill Run. I read and reviewed his previous two books, Pandora’s Succession and Unsavory Delicacies in the past and was happy to do the same for his newest one.

Chill Run centers around an aspiring author, Eddie Barrow, Jr. He’s been sending out manuscripts but getting only rejections back so far. He hasn’t given up on his dream, though, and when his friends suggest trying a risque publicity stunt with the idea of getting publishers to take notice of his manuscript, he decides to give it a go. Then the stunt backfires and Eddie and his friends end up on the run, trying to solve a murder that’s been falsely pinned on them. We learn about Eddie’s family and friendships, and follow his group along as they investigate the murders in order to exonerate themselves.

Overall, this is good read. As with Brooks’ first novel there are twists in the plot, a lot of details to give the book some depth, and good dialogue. The book moves right along, and you want to know what happens next. I liked Eddie and his friends and family, but I also was very annoyed at Eddie and his family at times. And then I felt Eddie had matured by the end of the book. This all means he’s realistic, someone you might meet sometime; his world is the everyday one we live in, despite his getting caught up in a fantastic episode. And that is a testament to the writing.

A brief aside: the novel features a fictional governor of New Hampshire and his wife. Just to be clear, our governor is not that sensational here in the Granite State. And I’m not sure we want one that is :-).

Russell Brooks has a contest running through 8pm EST, December 1, wherein you can win a free copy of the eBook version of Chill Run! You can read more about it in Russell’s blog post. Enter there or here, by leaving a comment below that includes your email address. His cat Clinton will pick 10 winners from those who enter.
You can get copies of the book at Russell’s website . You can also go directly to Barnes&Noble or Amazon .

Note: as I said, I was sent an advance copy to review but I wasn’t compensated or pressured about what to write.