best of 2009: music

I’m trying something new for me this month, a web community challenge: Gwen Bell’s The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. Find the best the year has offered me, and review, remember, contemplate, reflect, and celebrate it. There’s a question/topic each day.

Today we come to December 10 — Album of the year. What’s rocking your world?

There’s an implication that I should be writing about music that was released this year or failing that, music I discovered this year. Trouble is, I haven’t been listening to new music that I can name. Sure, I’ve heard new songs this year, and some have been great, but I have very poor memory for music and artists and I can’t name them now.

Recently though, I rediscovered and renewed just playing music and that is rocking my world.  Last month, I finally installed an MP3 package (aka Amarok) on my work system and I’ve started putting my CD collection on the machine.  And I’m playing it.  I’ve also started listening to more albums in the car.  This might all seem like nothing to you, but it’s a change in my world and it’s a good one.

The music is mostly old.  But if  you must know, the albums I’ve started with are: True Stories by Talking Heads, Life’s Hard and Then You Die by It’s Immaterial, The First Songs by Laura Nyro, Everything’s Different Now by Til Tuesday, The Bobby Darin Story, and a lot more.  I have a lot of CDs to convert to MP3.  But no worries…getting there is more than half the fun.