to mom and dad

Today is Thanksgiving, so I’ve thought a bit about giving thanks. This is to you, Mom and Dad.

Thank you for loving us and for loving each other. Thank you for living so long as you both did, so that we had you in our lives a while. Thank you for your strengths and also your flaws. You weren’t perfect and that’s fine. It all made you human. It all defined you as the people I loved and love still, thinking of you every day, missing you both so much. Thank you for your support and your concern, for your pride and your worry, for your praise and your scolding. Thank you for your values and teaching. We disagreed about some things, but I still respect your opinions (not sure you understood that all the time). Thank you for the big things and the little things. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

I will always love you both.