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I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to write about for over a week. I even started one post and deleted it. I want to post here more than I have been, for a lot of reasons. But being an exhibitionist is not one of the reasons and I don’t want to write just for the sake of seeing my post up in lights.

I’ve been following some interesting groups on Twitter lately, including a set of lovely people who use their blogs to share and support each other in artistic and creative work. I’m not really a member of the community, a friend is, but I find it interesting, challenging, comforting, and somewhat disheartening all at once. That last adjective is because they’re all way more talented than I am. They’re also a lot more creative….they seem to overflow with ideas, for art, for writing, for posting. I enjoy reading through it, but it’s been a little intimidating. It’s made me feel like anything I start to write and write about doesn’t measure up.

Anyway, I’m just writing this to get myself going again. I thought of the title this morning and liked it. So I decided to write about not writing. Kind of ironic, because I find those essays about how hard it was to write the essay or tweets about thinking of a tweet, etc. silly, and here I am doing a whole blog post like that. Maybe I will make a tag called silly-post just for this. But at least I wrote something and hopefully will follow with more soon.

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